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TOD Standard

About TOD Standard

The TOD Standard is the definitive guide for understanding, measuring, and evaluating TOD in any city.

The TOD Standard is organized around eight core principles - Walk, Cycle, Connect, Transit, Mix, Densify, Compact, and Shift. Together, these eight principles form the foundation for transit-oriented development or integrated urban places that inclusively and equitably bring people, activities, buildings, and public space together, for everyone. Each principle is elaborated with clear, concrete objectives and underlying metrics to further define what urban environments that facilitate car-free lifestyles and healthy well-being should look like.


In 2010, ITDP created a framework to help understand the interrelationship between urban development and sustainable transport. This led to the development of the Eight Principles that make inclusive cities and complete neighborhoods anchored around walking, cycling, and public transit.

These principles—Walk, Cycle, Connect, Transit, Mix, Densify, Compact, and Shift—are the core framework of the TOD Standard. In 2013, the first version of the TOD Standard was released, and it outlined objectives and metrics to better assess and evaluate TOD with a focus on measures that addressed climate change. Since then, the TOD Standard has become a reputable resource for defining TOD for cities, policymakers, practitioners, and academia. The latest, third version has strengthened equity aspects, including inclusive housing, anti-displacement measures, and universal access. The integration of climate and equity in TOD is critical for creating a more sustainable and just future.

TOD Standard Technical Committee and Endorsers

The TOD Standard is governed by the Technical Committee convened by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP).

The Technical Committee comprises globally renowned experts on the integration of land use, urban design, and transport planning. This committee guides, reviews, and validates the technical elements of the TOD Standard and recommends revisions as needed. The committee is solely authorized to certify urban development projects.

Technical Committee members include:

B.R. Balachandran, Alchemy Urban Systems
Robert Cevero, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
Elizabeth Deakin, University of California, Berkeley
Gerald Ollivier, World Bank Group
Michael King, Traffic Calmer
Luc Nadal, Studio Nadal
Carlos Felipe Pardo, Founder of Despacio
Peter Park, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado Denver
Hiroaki Suzuki, Consultant, World Bank Group

TOD Standard Endorsers are: